About the Founder . . .

Madiha has a postgraduate degree in psychology (BPS accredited) from the University of Glasgow, a post graduate diploma in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health from King’s College London and  a certificate in counseling skills (CPCAB). She is also a mindfulness instructor. (BPS approved). 

Having practiced mindfulness and other meditative practices for years, she is now well-versed in different approaches and therapeutic models to mental health and well-being. She has extensive  experience supporting people with mental health distress. She has also worked as a workshop facilitator for teachers. 

Her previous work experience and extensive academic research in the UK made her aware of the  growing disconnect between organisational success and employees’ mental health. It inspired to collaborate with corporate entities to enhance employee well-being and transform the wellness  industry. 

Being passionate about understanding human behaviour, having a firm belief in developing  innovative solutions for real-world problems and her work as a supporter of others helped her create  a special strategy for enhancing mental health.

Madeeha Niazi